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    Do you want to learn how to create an offline first Retrofit Full CRUD app with disk caching? Do you want to learn how to use Model View ViewModel design pattern in a full app with Retrofit? Do you want to learn how to perform CRUD operations against MySQL database from an android app using Java?


    This project is designed for students to help them learn create a full android app based on Retrofit as the HTTP Client and MySQL  as the database. We use Java  as the programming language. PHP is our server side language and data will be transmitted in JSON format via HTTP. GSON will be used to parse the JSON but this will be done automatically via Retrofit.


    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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    Do you want to learn how to create a Full Firebase application using Model View ViewModel? Do you want to learn how to perform all CRUD operations: Create/Insert, Read/Select, Update/Edit and Delete against Firebase Realtime Database? Do you want to learn how to search data against Firebase Realtime Database? Do you want to learn how to Paginate/Page Firebase realtime data using load more technique? Do you want to learn how to create a full application with Splash Screen, Dashboard Screen, Listing Screen, Detail Screen, Search Screen and CRUD Screen?

    Then this may be the project you are looking for. We’ve taken a lot of time testing this code and calibrating it to make sure it’s easier to understand and can be easily understood and extended.


    The advantage of this type of project is that it eliminates away all the research and trial and error that you always undergo if you intend to learn something. Moreover we’ve employed the best techniques thus you are getting high quality code.

    This code is designed for students who don’t have time to go through tons of manuals and want to learn  by doing. It is however designed to make it friendly and even beginners can understand the code and extend it.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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    Do you want to learn Room, MVVM, LiveData while creating a real world project? What about creating a beautiful Scientists App. This is a unique idea and you can easily come up with a different idea and modify the app towards it. This easy, all you need is change the model class and maybe the fields.

    This app is meant to teach you learn the concepts you need to be able to utilize the following Android Jetpack components:

    1. Utilize MVVM(Model View ViewModel)
    2. Use LiveData to add reactivity to your application.
    3. Use VeiwModel to prepare user interface data in a lifecycle aware manner.
    4. Use Room as our data access layer.

    Here are the screens built in this app(View them in the gallery in the sidebar):

    1. Splash Screen
    2. Dashboard Screen
    3. CRUD Screen
    4. Listing Screen
    5. Detail Screen.


    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $5 $1

    Do you want to get the essentials of Retrofit without needing weeks of study? Do you want to be able to put up a CRUD app capable of INSERTING, SELECTING, UPDATING, DELETING, SEARCH  and PAGINATION in a real world app without months of study? Do you want to create a real world app in minutes by modifying quality source code instead of re-inventing the wheel? Do you need a reusable template to implement that idea you have always wanted then upload your app to Google Play?

    Well then this app is for you. This project is cheap but alot of work has been done to make it easy to understand, modify and high quality. I have seen alot of apps being created with this template by students and we will continue adding more features and updating code. You will get those updates for free and lifetime support including setting up your online MySQL database.



    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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